Study Report


Report #5 Yomogi Onsen


Visit record

Public facilities
Yomogita, Aomori
6 July 2008

Intent of study

It's announced that UFO in Yomogita Village is a symbol of regional forward-leap. Let's see how the icon is incorporated in local activities.

Signboard of Yomogi Onsen

Fureai Center Yomogi Onsen, literally Amenity Center Yomogi Hot Spring

A trellis expressing tractor rings appears at the entrance of the hot spring facility, whose shape represents a space ship. It indicates that boarding is in progress now.

Fureai Center Yomogi Onsen, entrance view
Fureai Center Yomogi Onsen, side view

Furusato Sogo Center, literally Hometown Comprehensive Center

Some visitors, apparently for send-off, are playing music in flutes and drums in front of another facility. Maybe they will throw paper streamers later.

Furusato Sogo Center


Animals who take charges of space travellers' absence are seen to do their jobs properly. The region must be, in such a way, kept sustained in the future.

Marché Yomogita

The term UFO, in the present report, is interpreted as flying saucer.